Here at Projects One Safety Online we work hard to educate Tradies on how to get their safety programs in place. Some want us to help at a hands-on level and some just need the guidance to get started. The reason we put so much effort into helping Tradies is to ensure small businesses in Australia succeed and stick around for many years to come. Australia wouldn’t be the same without our iconic Tradie looking after our plumbing, electrical and painting needs. Imagine if we only had big corporations doing all the work. The greatest reason and most importantly we hate hearing about workplace accidents and want all our Tradies to go home safe each night.

Good Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) standards always starts with the people at the top, the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), our leaders, supervisors, board members, and CEO’s. As individuals and jointly as the hierarchy, responsibility for health and safety, no matter how large or small, your business relies on you to put good WHS processes in place, to manage the risk you and your team face each day. Doing WHS well is proven to improve workers morale, increase business opportunities and boost productivity. Time and Money well spent, your Return On Investment (ROI) is considerably rewarded.

7 Reasons to improve your WHS

Written by, a Tradies Wife, creator of Projects One Safety Online, the ‘simplifier’ of all thing’s safety

Let’s look a little closer to some of the benefits of having a positive and whole of workforce approach to a good Work Health and Safety program:

  1. Greater business opportunities, tender for jobs that required your safety to be documented. With a good WHS program you will develop processes and procedures not just in the field but for your office staff to record and keep good records of training, maintenance, safety incidents, and most importantly hazards and risks.
    • Download Projects One Safety Online app to help manage your safety paperwork
  2. Increased productivity – once your team are following safe operating procedures, working together to keep each other safe, productivity will increase. Think of it like working onsite in double pluggers (Jandals, thongs, flipflops), you spend more time being careful not to hurt your feet then getting on with the job. Put your safety boots on and you can suddenly power on much quicker than before without the worry of stubbing your toe.
    • Download Projects One Safety Online app to help manage your safety paperwork
  3. Less accidents means reduced insurance premiums – Not rocket science this one, make a Workcover claim and watch your premiums rise.
  4. Fewer absences for illness – Workers who suffer from physical or mental health conditions are likely to have higher rates of injury and/or illness causing absenteeism. With a good WHS program that includes mental wellbeing programs it can help reduce injury and illness rates which in turn has a flow on affect to many other areas.
  5. Better worker retention and morale – when a workplace has good safety procedures and is driven from the top workers feel more valued, therefore improved moral and better teamwork. If you are familiar with the phrase Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, to get to the goal of the Performing stage you need stability in your workforce. The more team members that leave, the further back down the process you go.
  6. Reduced costs due to less staff changes – the cost of lost production, employing, inducting, and training each new team member can easily blow out to over $20,000.
  7. Common Sense is no longer common – by having a comprehensive Work Health and Safety System common sense is not relied on as a safety measure.

It all makes perfect business sense, keep your staff safe and save time and money! Wow, who would have thought. Ok so it sounds easy, a great place to start is by giving us a call at Projects One Safety Online and let us help. We know the construction industry and we know safety.

How Projects One Safety Online can help:

  • Step by step processes for completing SWMS, Risk Assessments, Toolbox meetings
  • SWMS and Risk Assessments completed in minutes
  • Project Management tools to keep your staff organised and on task
  • Easily record your Toolbox meeting
  • A place to keep all your safe work instructions, policies, procedures, SDS’s…. staff can easily find them
  • It keeps your staff accountable for their own safety, login and check SWMS, Risk Assessments and toolbox meetings have been completed
  • Keep records of each project, add photos, documents
  • Keep your client up to date by giving them their own client login, share what you need, add discussions and notes

Projects One Safety Online is beneficial to Principal Contractors to ensure their contractors and their subcontractors are safety compliant. 

Remember, every morning as you prepare for work ask yourself, what’s different about today? If something is different you need to revise your safety!

Stay safe, from the Projects One Safety Online team