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From large building companies, and property maintenance management teams to medium and small operators Projects One Safety Online has your safety and project management covered.

Purpose built for builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, glaziers, handyman, pool builders, landscapers, earthworks…

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Are you old school, not ready for digital? Explore our hard copy solutions. No computer experience required.


Periodically, an unguarded work environment can place workers lives in jeopardy. In the construction industry the safety of our workers is a primary requirement and not something you sweep under the mat. In many workforce’s the tedious process of completing the paperwork means people cut corners or simply tick and flick, and the purpose of doing safety administration is lost.

Projects One Safety Online provides an interactive platform which includes your whole team. Discuss your safety onsite with the team where and when it matters, record your toolbox meetings, SWMS and risk assessments as they happen, receive reminders to review your SWMS and update your safety as you need.

Please always remember if conditions change, change your safety!

Who we are?

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Our team at Projects One Safety Online care about our tradies going home safe at the end of the day, so we work hard to make safety simple, so it is easily done on a daily basis, and never swept under the rug

We understand the struggle for small construction businesses to be compliant with Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. We know firsthand how hard it is to:

  • Understand safety requirements
  • Find the time to write the required safety documents
  • Train your staff on the safety requirements
  • Know what safety records, updates or reviews needs to be done daily

The POSO team understands the requirements of construction business owners. They know the daily grind of safety paperwork and how putting a great safety system in place can be the key to growing your business.

POSO have a special offer to help you get your safety on track, book your free 30-minute safety strategy session and receive our SWMS Made easy PDF guide

What We Do?

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Projects One Safety Online is Safety for Tradies. Administration safety controls are so often not used, despite the fact it is illegal to run a business without them. Every tradie needs to have a safety system in place, so, we made them simple. Now you can do your safety, on your phone, onsite where you can see the hazards and in only a few minutes each day.

Why Choose POSO?

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POSO is simple to use. Step by step Projects One Safety Online takes you through creating a safe work method statement, risk assessment or toolbox meeting. We understand the challenge and have designed POSO to be used by small to medium construction businesses. No special talent required except the ability to use a smart phone.


POSO has a vision that “every small and medium construction business has access to an easy and affordable safety system and for every tradie to understand their requirements under the WHS act and know how to fulfil their obligations”.


Our mission statement at Projects One Safety Online is “To help tradies stay safe”.

To book your free online demonstration please give us a call today.


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Knobel Constructions

Easy access to all your safety documents no matter where you are. The timesheet function is perfect for tracking hours spent on different tasks

NCB Plumbing & Gas

Quick and easy to use especially on the job. The team love using it with all documents in one place and at the touch of a finger. Thank you, Wendy and team

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New Look Renovations CQ
JTN Carpentry
A Plus Plumbing and Contracting
Craftsman Homes
Rhettro Roofing Industry
Knobel Constructions
JMZ Constructions
Get Turfed
Allstyle Building Services
NCB Plumbing
Strathdickie Plant Hire
Reef Coast Constructions
Pinnacle Constructions
Oates Carpentry
Lincoln Building
Spanline Mackay

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