Here at Projects One Safety Online we believe in simplicity. Making SWMS simple was no easy feat.

First we broke the process into 5 parts:

    1. Mostly stage one populates from information you already have in the system about yourself and your principal contractor. You choose the state you are working in and the high risk activity you are doing.
    2. Stage two is answering questions like what PPE do you need and have you checked the weather
    3. Now we have thought of as many tasks, hazards, risks, and controls as possible. Turn on the tasks you need and check the hazards, risks and controls match what is happening onsite. If they don’t match you can remove them or add more of your own.
    4. Stage four, you and your team can sign using usernames and passwords and email it straight to the principal contractor if you need.
    5. Now that you have created your new SWMS it is time to keep an eye on it. Review it easily when changes occur and make notes as you check that all is going to plan.

Then we made it a step-by-step process.

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