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The Projects One Safety Online team are excited to work with the Safer Me team to provide this important product across all industries Australia wide

What is Safety SNAP?

SAFETY SNAP is a sciencebased web app that helps you understand the psychosocial issues affecting your staff.

It measures risk factors that are proven to increase accident and injury risk, and proven to impact workers’ likelihood of thriving in their job.

New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has co-funded the development of Safety SNAP through its Workplace Injury Prevention Program.

How it works: 10 seconds per day

SURVEY During Toolbox / Pre-start talks

Two questions a day - it takes 10 secs.Translated.

Anonymous access. No app install.

MONITOR Track and compare

Dashboard gives insights into psychosocial issues

Compare sites, teams, regions.

RESOLVE Investigate and act

Monitor change over time, and see impact of investments made

Quarterly deep dive

Just 60 seconds per week to monitor psychosocial hazards

Key Features:

1. Quick and easy anonymous survey, translated for your needs.

2. Conducted during Toolbox Talks or Daily Pres-start.

3. Dashboard for management to monitor key psychosocial issues.

Safety SNAP

Why do businesses use Safety SNAP?

Identify the wellbeing issues that need fixing (and those that don’t)

Understand what is increasing risk of harm and poor performance

Track the impact of investments to improve the situation

Comply with psychosocial hazard legislation

Custom built for industries with physical work and lower literacy

Safety SNAP Psychosocial Hazard Intro

Kickstart Your Psychosocial & Wellbeing Program