Safety in the construction industry is a constant worry, forever updating, and a daily chore that most find extremely difficult to get their head around, to find the time to put in policies and procedures place, and the knowledge to do it well. Our founder Wendy Bishop is a tradies wife who also found safety administration a challenge, hence why POSO was developed. Wendy’s belief is that no tradie should struggle with getting their safety admin completed daily. Safety should never go in the too hard basket or be swept under the rug.

POSO has been developed and will continue to be developed further with tradies in mind. Those tradies who took a risk and went out on their own and started a new business did not do so, so they could spend all day in the office doing paperwork. We are developing this for you.

If you would like to read more about safety in the construction industry our blog has 10 great tips for starting your new safety system.